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Welcome to my homepage.  Currently, I am an associate professor in the Department of Engineering Physics in Ankara University, Ankara-Turkey.  In this page you will find information about  me and my research interests as well as the classes I taught

Vakuum Technique (Book-in Turkish)

Phrygian Way Project

Phrygian Way Guide Book




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          e-mail   : hsari@eng.ankara.edu.tr                            Ankara Universitesi Muhendislik Fakultesi

          www    : http://huseyinsari.net.tr                              Fizik Muhendisligi Bolumu,

          Phone  : +90 (312) 203 3424                                        06100 Tandogan-Ankara, TURKEY

          Fax       : +90 (312) 212 73 43


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Sigarasız Web Sayfası Smoke Free Web Site


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